David Tryba, FAIA

Lead Design Principal

The Founding Principal of the architecture, urban design and planning firm, David’s passion for cities directs the work of Tryba Architects. He is involved in each of the firm’s projects and excels at leading talented designers towards solutions that are in the best interest of the client, the community and the project. David’s entrepreneurial spirit directs the firm’s commitment to the development and transformation of urban buildings, sites and systems into active, human-scaled and successful places.

David possesses a deep understanding of the evolution of cities—past, present and future—and has completed projects across North America including Colorado, New York, California, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Utah, Arizona, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Washington, Texas and Mexico.

William Moon, AIA

Managing Principal

Bill’s role as Managing Principal is foundational to the firm’s practice. He joined Tryba in 1990, two years after the founding of the firm, and committed to learning everything about practicing architecture—craft, business development, project management and operations.

Bill is dedicated to the design, adaptive reuse, and redevelopment of structures, systems and the public realm of the modern city. He focuses on the long-term consequences of urban sprawl, resource management and the revitalization of urban neighborhoods. He is highly involved in the growth of cities and volunteers to aid various local organizations in their efforts to promote smart growth initiatives and rehabilitation of historic structures.

Collin Kemberlin, AIA


Collin joined Tryba Architects in 1997 as the firm’s fourth architect. He brings the jazz musician’s rigorous command of technique and artistry to every project he undertakes. Committed to the principles of sustainability, Collin believes good design attends to the psychology of light, space and movement. How an occupant feels in a building is as important to a structure’s performance as a LEED rating. He brings strategic thinking, innovative material palettes and excellent communication skills to every project he touches.

James McDonald,

Chief Financial Officer

With nearly two decade’s experience in tax, audit, financial management and forecasting for entrepreneurs, James joined Tryba Architects in 2003. James’s skilled forecasting and strategic cash flow and tax management contribute to the firm’s fiscal efficiency, stability, and efficiency.

The volatility of real estate values, financial markets and labor and material costs impacts the business of architecture. James’s expertise not only assure the firm’s fiscal stability, but also makes a substantial contribution to the client’s bottom line. James's expertise is responsible for the firm earning the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year award, the first time the honor has been awarded to a design firm.