BCG Chicago

Chicago, IL




Boston Consulting Group


31,000 SF


Scope of Work

Interior Design, Experiential Design

Boston Consulting Group tasked Tryba Architects with creating a brand-new design concept for their Chicago office—one of the largest in the consulting firm’s practice. 

Bringing nature indoors and creating spaces for both quiet reflection and social interaction, the highly customized workplace transforms the entire working experience. In stark contrast to the traditional floor plans of enclosed offices, the renovated office is an open and transparent plan that invites collaboration, while meeting demanding privacy requirements. The result is an increased sense of connection throughout the office between people, nature and the unique urban environment. 

Interior work areas are balanced by two large perimeter lounges that allow all employees to share breathtaking views of the city below. The Lake Lounge provides a quiet escape, placed to take full advantage of panoramic views north to Lake Michigan, while River Lounge is designed to spark conversation and ignite ideas, offering views of the Chicago River.

The design creates connections between people, nature and the unique urban environment

A variety of active and quiet social spaces are designed to leverage specific views and differing light conditions