César E. Chávez Memorial Building

Denver, Colorado




General Services Administration (GSA)




179,000 SF; 377 Structured Parking Stalls


Scope of Work

Lead Design Architect and Architect of Record, Interior Design

Seven federal agencies, including the GSA, occupied the original “Colonnade Center” building for nearly 30 years before undertaking a major modernization. The design team transformed the tired and imposing office building into an inviting space that expresses the federal government’s commitment to sustainable building, improved public visibility, and community interaction. A collaborative and innovative exterior design approach allowed the building to remain fully occupied throughout 16 months of construction. The security-hardened building envelope is designed for a 100-year lifespan. The outdoor plaza and garden, early childhood center and café offer comfort and livability to tenants, visitors and the neighborhood.

The new aluminum and glass curtain wall system reduces energy consumption by 32-percent, enhancing natural light and interior views. Photovoltaics atop the adjacent garage produce 115-kW hours of electricity, offsetting energy consumption and reducing hot water grid energy by 30-percent. The project includes local recycled materials including steel, and terrazzo made from local beer bottles. Eighty-three percent of construction waste was diverted from landfills.


The modernization of an outdated structure