Fox Park

Denver, Colorado






41 acres


Scope of Work

Urban Design, Entitlements, Public Outreach, Branding and Experiential Design

Fox Park is a 41-acre expansion of Denver’s urban core and park network—integrating open space, culture, and commerce into a mixed-use community that reflects a new spirited and creative generation.

Positioned at the intersection of I-25 and I-70 in Denver’s Globeville neighborhood, Fox Park will be a new gateway to the city and region. Its proximity to the 41st and Fox Station and South Platte River Trail will provide mobility options and create seamless connectivity to Downtown and beyond. Terraced into the hillside, a vertically integrated public realm consolidates parking and service below grade. This infrastructure reveals the ecology of Fox Park—water, energy, and waste—making it legible to people of all ages.

A cohesive urban landscape will bring together next-generation workspaces, a boutique hotel, retail and residential spaces, and urban agriculture, creating a diverse community fueled by transformative industrial reclamation. At its heart, the existing 320,000 SF former printing facility of The Denver Post will be converted into a vibrant new center for community learning, health and fitness, arts and entertainment, innovation, and fabrication. 

Built around integrated open space, a central cultural hub, and shared district infrastructure