Boston Consulting Group Denver

Denver, Colorado




Boston Consulting Group


25,000 SF


Scope of Work

Interior Design, Experiential Design

Boston Consulting Group’s Denver office has moved to downtown’s newest high-rise structure and commissioned Tryba to design their new space. Tryba’s principled design approach captures the essence of the Rocky Mountain region to foster a greater sense of community and connectivity, while also providing easy collaboration spaces—offering compelling experiences for consultants, alumni, clients, and guests.

The goal of creating high-value collaborative spaces while reducing individual space needs was achieved by balancing the social spaces with heads down work zones and meeting rooms, with seamless technology. Tryba commissioned an art program for BCG throughout the entire office. 

BCG’s goal was to use local Colorado materials in a timeless and sophisticated manner. The team sourced Colorado Calcutta marble direct from Marble, CO, which was fabricated locally.

Collaborative spaces are interspersed with areas for individual needs as well as social spaces
The integrated art program enriches the circulation experience throughout the office