Daniels and Fisher Tower

Denver, Colorado


1995 – 2003 (5 phases)


D&F Tower Preservation Foundation


21,500 SF


Scope of Work

Lead Design Architect and Architect of Record, Historic Preservation

Tryba Architects was responsible for the exterior renovation of one of the most recognizable Downtown Denver landmarks, the historic Daniels & Fisher Tower. Constructed in 1911 as the flagship store for the Daniels and Fisher Department Store, the Tower has been carefully restored in various stages through cooperation with the State Historical Fund as well as grants and private fund raising.

The main lobby doors have been replaced with cast bronze revolving doors that were fabricated and intricately pieced together to restore the former grandeur of the Tower entry off the 16th Street Mall and Arapahoe Street. In addition, the exterior of the tower was cleaned and restored including the masonry and terra cotta, as well as the former 14th floor observation balcony.